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Garrison Tailors Fashion Show AW 2019

At the Legitimate Peaky Blinders Festival which took place in Digbeth, Birmingham last month, you had to look hard to find a gentleman that wasn’t wearing a Tweed Suit, Waistcoat or peaked cap of some description.  Despite the warm weather, the outfit of choice was well and truly Peak Blinders inspired and so Garrison Tailors fitted into the mix just perfectly.

It was at this inaugural event that Garrison Tailors, Steven Knight’s official Peaky Blinders clothing company, took over a derelict warehouse and turned it into a stylish but quirky fashion destination for the many fans that took to Digbeth over two days. Garrison Tailors first pop up shop replete with it’s own tailor and dressing rooms, meant that visitors were able to browse and purchase the iconic Tweed Suits and accessories, making sure they had the right Peaky Blinders Cap, Pocket Watch Chain or complete 3-piece to fit right in among the Shelby Family lookalikes and wannabes.

At mid afternoon each day, crowds began to fill the warehouse as fans, press and celebrities responded to the buzz created around the brand’s debut Fashion Show taking place at 4pm.  Before long, the vintage chairs were full and with standing room only, the warehouse reached capacity and a 1500 strong queue along Heath Mill Lane craned their necks to get a glimpse of the catwalk through the raised shutter door.

With Steven Knight in the front row, eight dapper gents took to the runway to showcase the Garrison Tailors full range, from 3 Piece Suits to casual T-shirts.  Opening the show was our brand new Union Cut range, launching for AW 2019 and available on our website in October.  The Digbeth 3 Piece suit made from navy wool with a navy paisley lining, comprising trousers, waistcoat and jacket, set off perfectly with a Pocket Watch Chain, silk pocket square and one of our brand new ties, wowed the audience with more than a nod to the Peaky Blinders’ style over a Tab-Collar shirt.  Also from the Union Cut range was our new 2-Piece suit in a traditional pin-stripe for those looking to emanate the Michael Gray look.

Proving that the full 3-piece get up isn’t the only way to get the Peaky Blinders look, 4 of our models donned a more casual look, comprising our simple Tommy T-shirts and Henley Shirts, worn with braces to give the look a modern twist, and of course one of our Baker Boy or News Boy Tweed Caps.

Of course the set would not have been complete without our signature Tweed Suits.  From our original Made in Britain range, the Thomas Tweed and Arthur Tweed suits made several appearances, worn with the Shelby Tweed Waistcoat, (all made from 100% Shetland wool), always adorned with the Pocket Watch Chain, the engraved Garrison Tailors emblem front and centre.  Perhaps the most iconic of the Peaky Blinders’ style, these suits got a rapturous reception from the crowd. With a glimpse of the ankle even the luxury socks were given a moment in the spotlight from our range of Garrison Tailors accessories.

As the opening chords of Red Right Hand filled the warehouse, providing an atmospheric conclusion to the show, four models took to the catwalk one last time to provide a last look at the Garrison Tailors suits.  The full works were displayed, topped off with Garrison Tailors caps and completed with shoes from London Brogues.

Perhaps the star of the show throughout, we also finished with a last look at our brand new Made in Britain 1919 Overcoat with its golden lining and peak lapels. This coat really is a fantastic addition to our range and works just as well over the casual looks as it does the suits.

From his seat in the front row Steven Knight then stood to address the audience as the models left the stage.  He took time to thank everyone for attending this unique event and hinted that you should look out for a repeat performance next year. So if you weren’t at this debut showcase, keep an eye out for future announcements and more to come from Garrison Tailors.

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