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How To Dress Like A Peaky Blinder

Peaky Blinders is one of the most critically acclaimed TV shows on BBC. The show is based on a real gang in 1919, Birmingham, and their style is taken after the trends of that time. Throughout the span of four seasons, the show’s fashion has been an inspiration for men everywhere. In fact, the tweed suit is now more popular than ever, with men increasingly wearing it to weddings and other occasions. If you want to know how to dress like a Peaky Blinder, read on to find out.

Tweed Cap

Everyone knows the tweed cap is the statement piece of a Peaky Blinder. Make sure yours matches your outfit and give the peak some shape to make your Peaky Blinders cap unique.

Tweed Trousers

In 1919, a three-piece lounge suit was a very popular choice for men. The high waisted trousers back then were much shorter than what men commonly wear now. The trousers stopped above the shoe, preventing the hem from touching the ground. The reason behind this detail is that there was no formal sewage system, and the streets were filthy. This resulted in one of the most iconic elements of the Peaky Blinders style ever, though trousers are worn halfway down the back of the shoe today.

High Fronted Waistcoat

If you watched the show, you may have seen the Peaky Blinders with a high fronted tweed waistcoat with up to six buttons on. This detail is due to the fact that lower-class men could not afford a tie pin, or a stickpin, to hold their ties down. Stickpins were custom designed to fit the wearers’ wants. They come in cheaper versions as well, but they were not as common. This led to a simpler and trendier way to hold down a tie: higher fronted waistcoat.

Pocket Watch

Pocket Watch

A waistcoat, or a vest, can often be seen with a pocket watch. With the watch being worn on a chain, crossing to the button holes of the waistcoat, there are many ways to style a pocket watch with a waistcoat. You can go with a single Albert watch chain, a double Albert with two chains, or with the watch hanging out the pocket. Regardless of how you choose to style it, a pocket watch undoubtedly makes for a great finishing touch to a Peaky Blinders style suit.


Overcoats are a well-loved, timeless piece of clothing that can elevate any outfit. They are extremely popular in the winter, and you can see the men of Peaky Blinders sporting these overcoats, typically in plain wool, darker than their suit. While this is the safest choice when trying to match your coat to your suit, the combination of check jackets with striped blazers is also a good choice. Keep in mind that there are no set “rules” when it comes to mixing and matching your outfit.


There are a number of style inspirations that can be drawn from Peaky Blinders. The slimmer and more youthful style of suits is now back in style. If you want to replicate the iconic, dapper look that Thomas Shelby will approve, go to your trusted tailor today and get the perfect clothing items and accessories to transform yourself into a Peaky Blinder!

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