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3 Outfit Ideas For A Classic Tweed Cap

Is there anything that sets a man’s sartorial flair apart from others like a classic British-made tweed cap? We don’t think so. It’s an accessory that has transcended the decades of style and whether you love the Peaky Blinders aesthetic or simply appreciate a heritage piece of menswear, a classic tweed cap completes a look with utter finesse.

Let’s take a look at our top three ways to style one of our Garrison Tailors classic tweed caps.

Wear It With A Contemporary Look

Blending classic pieces, such as newsboy caps, with more modern pieces of fashion can be the ultimate in unique style. Don’t be afraid to mix it up and pair your tweed cap with contemporary denim or a leather jacket to breathe new life into this heritage accessory.

Wear Your Tweed Cap Casually

You might be thinking that a classic tweed cap is an accessory for a tweed suit only. However, adding a smart tweed baker boy or newsboy cap to a more casual outfit can transform and upgrade your look instantly with minimal effort. Try pairing your cap with a Peaky Blinders inspired Henley shirt.

Keep It Classic

A traditionally-designed newsboy cap pairs beautifully with a classic, longline wool coat in neutral hues of navy, camel or grey. This effortless look is certain to gain you additional style credentials.

Henley Shirt & Tweed Cap

About Our Garrison Tailors Tweed Caps

The classic cap has adopted several names within the world of men’s fashion from driving caps to flat caps, so here, we take a quick look at designs we’ve created at Garrison Tailors.

In three different styles of tweed; Thomas tweed, Arthur tweed and Shelby tweed, our caps are designed to be worn both formally and casually. Created in Britain from 100% wool tweed, our Made in Britain range come complete with a luxurious satin lining, each one exquisitely finished by our expert tailors.

The Difference Between Baker Boy Tweed Hats & News Boy Tweed Hats

A classic newsboy cap has a much fuller volume to the styling of the hat when compared to a baker boy hat, which is more in line with a driving hat. When it comes to our designs, it’s all about the construction as the newsboy hats are created using 8 panels where the surface of the baker boy has a smoother finish. Which one to choose? It’s all down to personal preference but the Peaky Blinders styling is all about the newsboy cap.

Some Quick Tips for Styling Your Tweed Cap

Finally, when you’ve decided how you want to wear your tweed hat or cap (and we predict that it is probably going to be all of the above!), make sure you finish your look by remembering a couple of extra details!

  • When you first receive your tweed cap, whether you opt for a baker boy style or newsboy shape, gently shape the peak to best flatter the shape of your face. Don’t bend it too much, but a slight curve can adjust it just enough to make it your own.
  • Make sure it fits! A news boy cap should fit comfortably, just like a baseball cap.
  • Never wear your tweed cap backwards, forward is the only way to style these classic hats.

Our favourite cap is the Thomas Tweed News Boy Cap, which is yours?

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