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The Tweed Suit – A Quick Background Check

Donning tweed suit is becoming a common sight once again, even though we are living in a relatively futuristic society. Many people are still in love with the past and we don’t believe this is a bad thing. Evidence of the love people still have for the way humans used to live many years ago is in the popularity of vintage style and rustic themes for events. This is particularly true since the revival of Peaky Blinders clothing thanks to Steven Knight.

As people continue to embrace tweed suits in the 21st century, Garrison Tailors are set to bring the style of the 1920s Peaky Blinders clothing to the modern day. It’s this type of Peaky Blinders suit that involves a thick, woolen fabric that screams vintage.

If you want to keep up with the trends, here’s a brief background of everything you need to know about tweed.

The Upcoming Trend of Tweed Suits

A tweed suit might remind you of a man from the country visiting the big city for the first time. However, this is no longer the impression that today’s society has about the style. People often opt for tweed suits when an event is vintage-themed, but Garrison Tailors isn’t about fancy dress, it’s about dressing fancy and looking great.

Tweed as a material has been gaining more popularity and has made its way back into the world of fashion. Not only are guests rocking tweed suits at weddings, but some grooms even opt to wear them when they say “I do”! Thanks to the prevalence of the vintage trend, you can expect more compliments on your suit rather than criticism, whether you’re wearing it to the office, a night out or formal event.

The History of Tweed

In case you aren’t aware of what tweed is, it is a rough, woolen fabric. Yet, the texture is very flexible. The material originated in Scotland and was once known as Twill. Scottish and Irish people wore casual clothing made of the material throughout their daily lives. The changing point of the name was when tweel was introduced in London in the 1800s. A merchant misread the word from tweel to tweed, and people have been calling it that ever since.

Because tweed is a waterproof and incredibly durable material, it has always been popular among people in the countryside. It was seen as the perfect material to be worn for shooting or hunting. As time went by, tweed became more popular among the general public. Even modern audiences gave more attention to this type of material. Now that a lot of weddings are organised with vintage and rustic themes, tweed has become more well-known in day to day society.

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