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The Style of Tweed Wedding Suits

No matter how amazing tweed is as a material, balancing the look for your perfect wedding suit is an art.

The day that you get married is one of the biggest days of your life. You not only need to look great and stylish, but you need to comfortable. A terrible clothing choice can affect your enjoyment of the whole event. The last thing you want to do is to be dressed in the same outfit as a guest or be wearing a suit that doesn’t allow you to spin your bride or groom across the dance floor.

Fortunately, it’s easy to put together a unique look with a tweed wedding suit from Garrison Tailors that ticks all of the boxes. All it takes is some style!

The best way is to add a sense of individuality to the outfit is to accessorise. Once you’ve chosen whether to wear the Arthur or Thomas Tweed Suit, it’s time to think subtle.

Choose your options wisely based on the colour and style of your suit – pairing our Shelby Tweed Waistcoat with either of our suits for a groom works perfectly. It’s a contrasting tweed that creates a perfect wedding outfit.

We suggest that you wear accessories that contrast with the material of your suit. One of our favourite choices is the light grey Thomas Tweed Suit with our golden silk accessories.

If you are not confident in your colour-matching abilities, seek opinions from your friends or family. Adding accessories is also a great way to break an all-tweed wedding look. Bring out your stylish inner self and experiment with various outfit choices.

If you’re looking for peaky blinders clothing, Garrison Tailors is your best option.

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