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Tweed Suits And Everything You Need To Know

When people think of suit materials, they usually go straight to silk, cotton, and linen. While these materials have their own benefits, they may not have the same look and style as tweed. Tweed is another classic suit material that many people often forget about. In this article, we’ll talk about tweed suits and how to choose the best one for you.

What is tweed?

Tweed suits are typically only found in the UK. It has a slightly “fuzzy” appearance with a soft but somewhat coarse texture. The term “tweed” tells us something about its origin, as it’s believed to be derived from the Tweed River in Scotland. This is where the fabric is believed to be originated. Most tweed suits are typically made in herringbone or twill weaves with grey, brown, and tan as the primary colours. Tweed suits are often designed to be thick, warm, and durable, making them ideal for winter coats and jackets although summer variants are also available in lighter weight tweed fabrics.

The best qualities of a tweed suit


As mentioned, tweed is often a thick material that is designed for warmth, as the layers of thick wool will help to prevent a draft from chilling you through the jacket. Combined with the insulation layer inside the lining, tweed helps to preserve body heat, which will keep you warm during cold, windy winter nights. You can find lighter variations of tweed suits that are more breathable, which you can wear for the summer or spring, but keep in mind that the classic tweed is thick, soft, and warm.


Tweed is an incredibly tough material, which is something that other woollen fabrics may not be able to match. The construction of a high-quality tweed suit requires a full-canvas style to help the suit to retain its shape even when put under stress. These suits can last for years with minimal care, which makes a top-quality tweed suit a worthwhile investment.


There are no set rules for what a good tweed suit looks like. There won’t be a traditionalist out there who will criticise the style of tweed suits. Therefore, you can add any additional features and style pieces you want. For example, you could go for a two-buttoned jacked with notch lapels, a single vent, and a pocket on each side. Tweed is a semi-formal fabric, so there’s not very many hard rules as to what you can and can’t do with it.

Understanding the different types of tweed

There are many different types of tweed on the market and you need to understand the differences so that you can choose the right one for yourself.

First off, you have Harris tweed, which is one of the world’s most famous tweeds. Every step of the manufacturing process is done by hand, which makes it the most delicate, beautiful, but resilient, thanks to the extra care added to every part of the operation.

Donegal tweed is another type of handwoven tweed made in the Donegal County in Ireland. The area is known for the high-quality wool, as the sheep in the county have been bred to have the thickest and softest fur. Donegal tweed is dyed with natural colouring products such as berries, gorse, moss, and fuchsia. Everything can be found in the county, making it a community effort. You can definitely feel the difference between Donegal and other run-of-the-mill tweeds.

Another common type of tweed is silk tweed. While it’s typically much smoother and more delicate than other types of tweed, it’s usually not as warm and durable. However, when it comes to appearance, silk tweed is considered to be the most stylish, thanks to its reflective surface and smooth texture.

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