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Dress Fancy, Not Fancy Dress

At Garrison Tailors, we believe in dressing up. Not just for a formal event or party, but we have the desire to see our customers dressed up day-to-day. Looking and feeling their best and most stylish at all times.

Every single piece from our collection is inspired by the quality and aesthetic of the 1920’s era but by no means aims to copy or imitate. By drawing our inspiration from these looks, we’ve created a brand that speaks to gentlemen who love the Peaky Blinders look and want to wear it in a contemporary way, every day, allowing them to express their style and attention to detail and quality in a way that relates to their lives.

Garrison Tailors Is Inspired by The Quality of the 1920’s

Although driven by a desire to create the looks that people love from the Peaky Blinders show, our true inspiration at Garrison Tailors is to mirror the handmade, British-made quality standards of that time.

Quality is so important to us that it lives and breathes in everything we do.

Our Fabrics

Our tweed fabrics are sourced and supplied by the industry famous Abraham Moon & Son Ltd. With quality at the top of our priorities, this is the only place to find the very best tweed. Starting with the most luxurious fabrics, we have built a brand that represents the finest quality suiting.

Our Designers

Inspired by the costumes of the Peaky Blinders, our suits transcend further than a TV show outfit and into a new realm of quality dressing for men who love to look stylish and sharp on a daily basis. Our designers have an attention to detail like no other, focusing on every aspect of a suit that makes it luxurious. From the cuff of a shirt to the collar of a suit jacket, quality is ingrained into what we do.

Our Artisan Sewing Experts

We always have and always will use only artisan, UK-based craftsmen to cut and sew every single one of our suits by hand, here in Britain. Although this means our suits cost a little more and take a little longer to make, we pride ourselves in using only the best, most talented production experts to craft each suit we sell, investing in the British textile industry with every purchase.

Our Customers

Our customers know and appreciate good quality when they see it. This is who we created the brand for and therefore, we know that our desire to create stylish clothing for the modern gentleman is so important. We’re not trying to compete with high street brands, at Garrison Tailors, and we’re not trying to create clothing for fancy dress, we’re interested in building a brand that focuses on high-quality, formal dressing for men who know what they want. And if you’re not sure yet, we have a team of experts that can’t wait to help you decide.

Although you might have found Garrison Tailors because of your initial attraction to the Peaky Blinders aesthetic, you’ll see that what we do here is create clothing for the modern gent who wants to look stylish and luxurious every single day. Our suits aren’t fancy dress. Instead, they’re the beginning of a whole new way of dressing for men who appreciate the finer things in life with a 1920’s appeal that you just can’t beat.

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