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Why British Made Clothes Are Worth Waiting For

The well-known phrase “good things come to those who wait” couldn’t be more appropriate when having our beautiful quality, British-made clothing designed and made.

Yes, our lead times can be a little longer because all our Garrison Tailors clothing is made in Britain, in the tailoring industry capital of the world, but you can always be assured a suit from us will be well worth a little extra time.

There are so many reasons why we believe a British-made tweed suit is worth the wait. Let’s look at just a few of them.

Only the Highest Quality of Tailoring

From the choice of tweed fabrics to the handmade techniques used by our expert craftsmen, each and every suit is produced from start to finish to be only the highest quality possible.

Where the high street aims for fast suiting for the masses, here at Garrison Tailors we have a passion to create luxury quality to last. Instead of using fast techniques and cutting-edge factory machinery, where corners may be cut to no benefit of the wearer, we pride ourselves in our precise, old-age methods, handcrafting authentic Peaky Blinders-style clothing, which we can be proud of and you can rely on.

Our Use of Heritage Techniques

Alongside our ability to source the highest quality fabrics in the UK, each of our garments is made in Britain by outstanding artisan sewing experts, who come complete with generations of heritage techniques and unrivaled experience. When compared with the manufacturing of high street suits or even many designer brand suits, which all occur in a factory abroad, the expertise is second to none.

Taking up to 50 hours to make each suit, our artisan British craftsmen cut and sew every piece of your suit by hand, using techniques perfected over decades in the industry. The aim? To produce the highest quality suit, every time, that is guaranteed to last you decades, if not, a lifetime.

You’re Supporting the British Artisan Industry

What can be more important than supporting British industry? The British artisan tailoring sector is world famous for one central reason, quality. From the rich, luxurious fabrics to the cut and sew techniques learned and honed through decades, there’s nothing quite like a British-made suit.

And it’s not only us. Our sourcing partners are just as proud to be British. Our fabrics are supplied by Abraham Moon & Son Ltd, who have been in the industry for 175 years, building a reputation beyond any other in the British industry. Known for their exquisite quality tweed, we know we’re buying from the best to produce the very best for each and every one of our clients.

When it comes to wearing beautiful tailoring, the high street cannot compare with a luxury, British-made suit, crafted to fit you perfectly in every way. Although you’ll find our suits sitting at a higher price point and with a longer lead time, it’s simply a sign of the quality to come and feeling you’ll have knowing you’re the only gent on the train heading to work wearing Garrison Tailors bespoke attire made from luxury British tweed.

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