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Add Some Paisley Charm to Your Next Formal Suit

Here at Garrison Tailors, we don’t simply create suits to get you through your working day or a special formal event.

We take our time, working with the best in the business, to create the highest quality tailored clothing, handmade in Britain, with every detail scrutinised to bring you the very best options.

No Detail Is Too Small

When it comes to our tweed suits, every detail of the design process and fabric selection is equally important to us. Our new suits prove this more than ever before because of a little extra attention we’ve paid to our waistcoat and jacket linings.

Deciding to add a paisley lining to our waistcoats and jackets was not a quick decision. We love fabric and every choice we make shows something about the goals of our collections and the people, like you, that we create them for.

Why Choose Paisley?

Paisley is all about the details, which we feel is the perfect reason for adding it to our suits. The richness and depth of the colour combinations in our prints prove we’re one step ahead of the competition when it comes to knowing how to dress our customers, making it easy for you to choose the perfect suit.

Choosing a paisley lining balances a classic style with a nod to both the importance of a heritage print and a contemporary look. It’s luxury.

The History of The Paisley Print

With mentions of origins in both India and Iran, the pattern has a long and varied history, which has been incorporated within fashion and textiles for centuries. A motif, often depicting florals and feathers, paisley has maintained a very similar aesthetic through the years of its popularity, arriving in Britain in the 1800’s.

In a new era of fashion, paisley gained momentum in a more contemporary way in the 1960’s. Now, paisley exudes its luxury roots, having been known mostly to appear on beautiful fabrics such as silk and cashmere, and therefore, promotes a sense of wealth and refined taste and style. The perfect pairing for one of our high-quality men’s suits.

Choosing A Statement Suit Lining

Although the lining of a suit has practical functionality, for example, it adds warmth to your suit and creates a layer between the feature fabric and you, giving the suit more chance of lasting longer, it can also say a little bit about you, the wearer.

A paisley lining shows off a hint of an adventurous character. It adds detail and style to a simple suit, which from the outside might appear straight-forward, but from the inside, you find something a little lighter and brighter, a clue of what’s to come when someone should meet you.

A patterned lining makes your suit, and therefore, you too, stand out. It whispers personality without ostentatiousness and allows you to add a touch of colour to any suit in a subtle and stylish way.

Take a look through our collection of suits and simply message us to find out more about our new statement paisley linings.

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