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Our three types of tweed for suits, caps and waistcoats

At Garrison Tailors we don’t like to limit ourselves to just the one tweed option so we have three very special designs for our Peaky Blinders suits, waistcoats and caps.

The fabric for both of our luxury tweed suits and waistcoat are 375gsm, 100% Shetland Wool, woven into Tweed fabric, a rough-surfaced woolen cloth, typically of mixed flecked colours, originally produced in Scotland. The fabric for our suits comes from Abraham Moon & Sons of Leeds, a company with a fine history of fabric supply from the early 1800’s to the major fashion houses of today.

We worked closely with Abraham Moon & Sons when choosing our tweeds to ensure our suits would come with the following benefits of wool:


Wool is the obvious choice for a premium Tweed suit, it is a strong and resilient fabric with the wool fibres being able to be bent 20,000 times without breaking and still having the power to recover.


The manufacturing process for our Tweeds vs that of man-made fibres uses substantially less energy. With lower carbon dioxide emissions we’re proud to say that our choice of wool in our Tweed suits means a low carbon impact on earth.


You may not think of a suit as a recyclable product and our suits are certainly ones that last with built in longevity (read more about how our suits last for decades), but it’s important that materials are recyclable where possible. Old wool and fibre is recyclable as insulation and geotextiles, the fibres make a good compost too… but of course, we’re talking years in the future!

Thomas Tweed Suit - Peaky Blinders Suit

Our wool tweed suits are the best choice for both longevity and style. The patterns for our two styles of suit, the Thomas and the Arthur, are taken from an archive of suit patterns made around the early part of the 20th century. These have been adjusted to give an authentic look to the styling and allowing for a more tailored suit than would have been the case from the original patterns of the day.

Our three types of Tweed have been specifically chosen to reflect the characters on the Peaky Blinders TV Series. From our two leading men to great dynasty of the Shelby family and their meteoric rise from the grimy streets of Small Heath to the  upper echelons of society, amongst the judges and the politicians that Tommy comes to despise by the finale of Series 3

Our Thomas Tweed

Thomas Shelby was the leader of the pack, which is why we put our light grey Thomas Tweed in line with the leading man himself. Our most popular style is made up of a light grey tweed, which was traditionally favoured by the high-end wearer. A man of Thomas Shelbys status would have selected it over the dark colours that his brothers preferred. The suit is also cut in more contemporary style, fitting for a man of status.

The products featuring the Tweed include our Thomas tweed suit and our Thomas tweed newsboy cap.


Arthur Tweed Suit - Peaky Blinders Suit

Our Arthur Tweed

Our Arthur Tweed suit is a much more traditional style cut, looser around the waist and wider on the leg and featuring a green herringbone tweed. The Arthur suit is testament to “the old ways,” the Arthurs of the world preferred actions rather than words and required a suit to facilitate this approach. The darker coloured tweeds would have been perfect for hiding the soot and grime that accompanied the life of those who made their business on the filthy streets and back-alleys instead of in the palaces and the country houses.

The products featuring our Arthur Tweed include our Arthur tweed suit, our Arthur tweed newsboy cap and our Arthur tweed baker boy cap.

Our Shelby Tweed

Our third tweed gives another dimension to the suits, an interchangeable element that unites and encompasses the two very different styles of tweed. This dark grey tweed is featured by the Shelby throughout the first second and third series and unites them in both style and status.

The products featuring the Shelby Tweed include the Shelby Waistcoat and the Shelby tweed newsboy cap.

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