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Our New Braces

You will have seen our increasingly popular braces on the site for a little while now, they’re a simple but effective addition to any mans wardrobe and make a fantastic gift. Recently we’ve improved the design of our ever popular vintage braces by introducing an interchangeable brace which includes a combination of both button-on and clip-on attachments so that you can really get the most out of this classic Peaky Blinders fashion accessory without the need for buttons on your trousers


Peaky Blinders Vintage Braces

The main impetus for change with our braces was the recognition that not all contemporary styled trousers feature the traditional button-flaps for suspenders. We wanted everyone to be able to enjoy wearing our braces and whilst we recognised that the original button-on style may have been perfect for formal occasions, attaching easily to the inside button on formal trousers, the new and improved interchangeable braces allow you to wear your braces with casual wear such as  jeans or chinos using the simple clip attachments.

These new style braces work particularly well with denim as the clips attach securely on to the sturdy waistband without damaging or pulling at the material. Pair your jeans with one of our classic short sleeved Peaky Blinders Henley shirts and add a pair of red braces for the ultimate Peaky Blinders summer look. Our grey braces work beautifully when paired with chinos and a crisp white shirt, the perfect ensemble for a party or even a wedding if you don’t want to go down the route of a formal suit. Alternatively you could pair our clip-on blue braces with a simple T-shirt and shorts combination, if the weather is right of course.

So why choose vintage braces?

Well, whilst a belt cinches a waistband tighter to the body; our suspenders give three (Y-shaped) fixed points for the trousers to hang from. This creates a much smoother shape for your garments as the material is left to hang naturally rather than being cinching in around the waist, such as with a belt.

Our braces still come in the three original colours of red, blue and grey making them a versatile addition to your wardrobe as they complement most colours of shirt and T-shirt. The addition of the clip-on option simply means that whether you have button-flaps or not you can still slip on a pair of our braces with ease.


Clip On Vintage Braces

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