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A look behind the seams – The distinguishing qualities that make your suit last decades

“Suits should be investment pieces. Just as men would do research before buying a new car, they should pay attention to the details of a suit, because it will be hanging in their closet for years to come.”

– Michael Fischer, Menswear editor at Stylesight

Often it is simply a matter of detail, the quality of fabric, the lining, the buttons, even the seams that distinguish a well-made suit from all the others. The more attention to detail that has gone into the tailoring of a suit, the better the quality and the higher the likelihood that it will last for decades, not just a season. In a world over-saturated with mass produced garments, Garrison Tailors suits stand the test of time with traditional production techniques and artisan craftsmanship being the backbone of this quality and longevity.


Tweed Suit Tailoring

Why seams matter

Seam allowance is key when selecting a quality garment that will last. The majority of the cost in producing a tweed suit comes down to the amount of fabric used. Too often, cheap suits contain very little (if any) additional fabric to allow for tailoring adjustments not just on day one, but 2 years down the line when your body shape has changed. Suits with little seam allowance have a much shorter life in your wardrobe than a high quality suit that can be adjusted time and time again.

A good suit is about a great investment. Our Garrison Tailors suits, although inspired visually by the Peaky Blinders clothing era, also take on techniques and quality from the 1920s tailors too. The seems on our tweed suits are much deeper than most contemporary suits with more fabric allowance, meaning that they can be let out to make the garments bigger or smaller over time. This means that you can have your suit, trousers or waistcoat altered time and time again thanks to that valuable seam allowance which can be “let in” or “let out” by any quality tailor.

When faced with the decision of a new suit, you need to think years ahead. Although at face value one suit may be cheaper than the other, it’s the quality in a suit that is the deciding factor of whether your suit can be altered and worn time and time again in the future.

A well fitting suit looks good on everybody and with a Garrison Tailors suit you are guaranteed that the fit will always be perfect, year after year. Why buy the same cheap suit time and time again when you can invest in a quality garment that will last for a decade?

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