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It’s hip to be Square

Elevate your entire tailored look in two-minutes flat with a Pocket Square

Square Fold

The concept of thePocket Square can be traced back to the ancient Greeks, where Wealthy Greeks would carry perfumed handkerchiefs from as early as 500 B.C. However, pocket squares as a fashion accessory for formal as well as casual attire have only been around since the beginning of the 20th century. Especially popular in the 1920s, men used to wear a pocket square in combination with a suit, a vest, and the era’s typical fedora hat

These days the Pocket Square is the best and easiest way to express your individuality through your suit. It may not be a revolutionary tip but it’s certainly an effective one and it’s certainly much more cost-effective then constantly updating your entire wardrobe. As such a small part of a tailored look, a pocket square creates just the right amount of interest without making an overt statement, it’s the resurgence in recent years is testament to this. But just how exactly are they worn?

Two Key folds:

The two key folds for a Pocket Square are the “Puff” and the “Square” fold.

Whilst a puff fold is the most casual Pocket Square fold, both are best achieved with silk or woolen squares. This fold involves folding the fabric over into a semi-ball before tucking it into your breast pocket. Be sure to leave around 2 inches of the square billowing out whilst making sure the puff of fabric is neat and balanced.

A Square fold is most professional, fold into a square and have the folded edge stick out of the breast pocket about half an inch

These tips and tricks will hopefully help you on your journey to pocket perfection this Winter.

Puff Fold

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